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The start of a new year often opens the door to the possibility of a new care plan, providing a collaborative and educational approach to healthcare appointments. The financial relief of subsidised visits eases the burden of attending appointments throughout the year. But what exactly is a Care Plan?

A Care Plan, falling under the umbrella of Chronic Disease Management Plans, is a tool to assist you in comprehensively addressing your health needs. Together with your GP and/or practice nurse, you'll identify health goals and create an action plan to achieve them. If it's deemed beneficial, your GP or practice nurse may refer you to at least two allied health providers such as a diabetes educator, exercise physiologist, dietitian, or podiatrist (all available here a PDC!) through a Care Plan. With this plan, you become eligible for a Medicare rebate for up to five allied health visits per calendar year.

For individuals with type 2 diabetes, there's an additional opportunity to participate in group education programs led by diabetes educators, exercise physiologists, and dietitians. These one-hour sessions, accommodating up to 12 people, are offered up to eight times a calendar year through your Care Plan. Currently, at PDC Health Hub, we extend these services to the gym for group exercise classes via our 'Getting Active with T2D' program.

Who qualifies for a Care Plan?

Anyone with a chronic medical condition lasting or expected to last for at least six months and who hasn't received a Care Plan elsewhere in the past 12 months.

When should you get a Care Plan?

As soon as you're diagnosed with a chronic medical condition and annually thereafter. They're valid for 12 months, and it's never too late to start if you've never had one.

Why do you need a Care Plan?

While not mandatory for attending appointments, Care Plans help you to access best-practice diabetes management and care, offering regular subsidised access to allied health and group diabetes education services through Medicare.

Where do you get a Care Plan?

Your regular GP or medical centre will prepare your Care Plan. A nurse will guide you through it first, followed by your GP for the final sign-off. Be sure to mention when booking your appointment that it's for a Care Plan to ensure adequate time allocation.

How much does it cost? The set-up cost is determined by your GP or medical centre. If your GP recommends a TCA or group education program, these visits are subsidised by Medicare, with the amount varying among providers. At PDC Health Hub, our team accepts care plans, guaranteeing a Medicare rebate for your appointment. For detailed fees, including anticipated out-of-pocket costs, contact our client liaison team at 08 6110 0570 or email admin@pdchealthhub.com.au.

Start your year with a personalised care plan, making health management an achievable and supported journey.

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