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Whether you've got type 1 or type 2 diabetes, there are several extra benefits (beyond the usual benefits of engaging in regular exercise) to participating in regular exercise. We spoke to one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Vanessa, about this topic and collated all of her great insights into a helpful summary below for you!

Benefits of exercise for T2D management

- Prevent or delay the onset of T2DM in pre diabetics

- Improve how the body utilises sugars

- Fat loss and management

- Blood Pressure control

- Assists in management of stress and anxiety

- Increase activities of daily living

- Decrease your risk of cardiovascular complications

Benefits of exercise for T1D management

- Improve how insulin works in the body (insulin sensitivity)

- Lower the amount of insulin or medication required long term

- Exercise improves cardiovascular health and fitness

- Decreased risk of diabetes related health complications

- Improve your quality of life

- Boost your mood

Quick tips for managing exercise and diabetes:

- Workout with experienced Allied Health Professionals in a supportive community to make exercise enjoyable

- Ability to tailor the type of exercise to whether your levels are high or low on the day

- Talk to your diabetes team about adapting the amount of bolus or basal insulin that you take before, during, or after exercising

- Being aware of energy consumption around your exercise training sessions

- Monitor your BSL and symptoms of hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia in sessions with your Exercise Physiologist so you can identify patterns

When you have diabetes it is really important and helpful to surround yourself with a good health care team. You need to look no further for allied health support than the team at PDC Health Hub! At PDC we have a comprehensive, non-judgemental allied health team who can assist with with diabetes education, exercise physiology and exercising with diabetes, podiatry, physiotherapy, and dietitian services.

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