Tips for navigating the festive season from our Dietitian team


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The festive season is here, and for some it's in full swing already. This usually means celebrations and a little indulgence for some of us. So this often begs the question; how can we keep on track of our health goals at this busy time of the year?

Our PDC Dietitians have some tips for you:

1. Try to maintain your regular eating patterns such as your typical breakfast or lunch, and even a healthy snack, prior to heading out to events. Avoid arriving to the celebration overly hungry as this may result in overeating.

2. Aim to include an equal amount of carbs, vegetables and protein on your plate - and if possible, avoid overly filling your plate with food. Start with a normal amount and if you are still hungry then of-course you can go back for more!

3. Give yourself permission to eat a variety of foods- if you can’t allow yourself to enjoy some yummy foods at Christmas without the guilt, then when can you??

4. Listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cues. Tuning into our body’s hunger signals can allow us to make better choices on the amount and types of foods we choose, and can also help prevent overeating.

5. If you are choosing to drink alcohol, try to break it up with water or sparkling water in between to keep well hydrated.

6. Lastly, if possible, arrange some of your social occasion to also include physical activity. Such as a walk with coffee, a picnic or trip to the beach!

Most importantly, let us remember the that this time of the year is a special time to be spent celebrating with friends and family. Allow yourself to enjoy the festive foods and be compassionate with yourself if feelings of guilt arise during this time, as beating yourself about your food choices is not a healthy or sustainable relationship with food. Remember that food is made to be enjoyed, and with a few little tips and tricks, you can still stay on track with your health goals during the festive season!

Merry Christmas!

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