7 ways to protect your feet this Summer

Karen Lyra

As we are finally beginning to get into the warm temperatures of summer and prepare our feet for wearing thongs and sandals, it is important that we protect our feet for the upcoming harsh conditions that come with Australia's hottest season. Here are 7 tips you should get started on now in preparation.

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.

Does your skin feel dry or have you had cracked heels? This is a good indication that your skin is lacking the moisture and hydration that it needs. A simple way to get your skin hydrated and smooth is to apply moisturiser to your feet daily. We suggest doing this after a shower so your feet are nice and clean before you get started. Gently rub the cream into your foot but be careful not to get any between your toes as this can result in the skin in between macerating. Make sure you rub the lotion into your heels. We also suggest putting on socks afterwards as moisturiser can be slippery.

2. Get a "medi-cure".

Have you ever had your feet attended to? It’s a good idea to come in and have a medical pedicure to get your feet looking good. Our podiatrist, Karen, will thoroughly examine your feet, cut and file the nails, remove any hard or dry skin, then massage moisturiser into the feet and nails. Karen will also be able to offer any advice specific to your feet to do at home.

3. Get rid of dry heels.

A podiatrist will be able to remove any dry, hard, rough or cracked skin within a standard appointment or medical pedicure. If you are looking for a home solution then you can try a pumice stone or other callus removing device. Doing this once a week will help shed unwanted skin and prevent cracked heels. As mentioned earlier, applying moisturiser daily is also essential to making this happen.

4. Trim your toenails the right way.

Take care in cutting your toenails, make sure you keep them at a safe and comfortable length. Cut them straight across and avoid digging into the corners. It is best to cut them more frequently and leave them a touch longer to avoid cutting them too short and harming your skin.

5. Let your nails breathe.

Nail polish allows us to have some fun with bright colours, however by doing this all the time we don’t allow our nails to breathe. Having nail polish on all the time can lead to discoloration or a yellowish look to the nail. If you  wear nail polish then try to have a break from it every couple of weeks to avoid this damage from occurring.

6. Look out for fungal nails.

Have you noticed that one of your nails has a funny appearance? Fungal nails are common and typically you can spot areas of discoloration within them. It’s a good idea to book an appointment with a podiatrist as they can diagnose it and offer a variety of treatment options to get your nail back to being nice and healthy. Fungal nails take time to treat so get in as early as possible to have your summer feet ready, healthy and free from infections.

7. Pick the right flip-flops or sandals.

The great thing about flip flops and sandals are that they let our feet and toes breathe. However, many flip flops and sandals lack any support whatsoever but there are a few options that can. For flip flops, Archies are a great choice, and we stock them at PDC Health Hub in East Victoria Park.

With sandals, look for ones that have some form of arch support and have a strong and supportive strapping to hold the foot in place.  Take your sandals into your podiatrist and they can assess them for you.

If you need help or know someone who may benefit from our advice to prevent common Summer feet issues, please do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment with our podiatry team.

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