Beyond the clinic walls: utilising the power of community in diabetes care

Lauren Cusack

In today's healthcare, a shift is brewing. We're moving beyond pills and procedures, focusing on the whole person: mind, body, and community. That's where social prescribing shines - linking clients with non-medical resources and a non-clinical setting that fuels well-being. And at PDC Health Hub, we've embraced it as a pillar of our care model since day one.

Utilising the power of community: what is social prescribing?

Think of it as a prescription for connection. Instead of just clinical advice, clients get referred to community resources: support groups, fitness programs, workshops, and more. These address the social determinants of health: factors like isolation, food insecurity, and lack of support, which often impact our health as much as medical conditions.

PDC Health Hub: where community and care are combined

We believe in viewing our clients as a whole person, where physical, mental, and social aspects are equally important. We see a person as a person; not a medical condition. Social prescribing seamlessly aligns with this, extending care beyond what can often be sterile clinic walls.

The T1D Collective: the power of peer support

For those living with Type 1 Diabetes, the T1D Collective is their community of people who get it. The regular support groups, educational events, and advocacy projects create a space for belonging and empowerment. Social prescribing becomes a powerful tool here, connecting individuals not only to medical resources but also to a supportive network that truly understands their journey.

Connecting the dots through annual events

Each year, our team proudly host a range of community events, fostering community engagement, connection, education and awareness-raising. Through workshops, demonstrations, and networking opportunities, our annual events offer so much to attendees. Whether it's finding a local fitness buddy, joining a healthy cooking class, learning about diabetes & self-care, discovering what diabetes tech options are out there, etc - these events go beyond just delivering information. Their impact reaches and lasts far longer than the event itself.

Expansion in 2024: The T2D Collective is here

We're very excited to be building on the success of the T1D Collective, expanding to offer support for those living with type 2 diabetes. This group will offer a dedicated space for connection, knowledge-sharing, and access to diverse non-clinical resources. The T2D Collective will break down barriers and empower individuals with T2D. By addressing their multifaceted needs through social prescribing, we'll foster a sense of community and self-management.

Nurturing health beyond the clinic: our ongoing commitment

At PDC Health Hub, social prescribing isn't just a buzzword; it's the focus of our patient-centered approach. Through the T1D Collective, annual events, and the upcoming T2D Collective, we're redefining healthcare - one connection at a time.

Join us as we pioneer innovative ways to enhance well-being, strengthen community ties, and make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. Together, we're rewriting the healthcare story, one powerful community at a time.

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