About us

PDC Health hub is a patient centred multidisciplinary clinic providing services for people living with all types of diabetes and chronic conditions. Our health professionals use current best practice guidelines and state of the art technology to provide individualised health care and patient education to support the person living with a chronic condition to achieve their health goals.

The PDC Health Hub Journey

In 2015, Teresa and Jeff opened Perth Diabetes Care with a purpose of challenging the status quo of diabetes care in WA. They developed an idea that an integrated care model with the right team would create the best outcomes for living with diabetes. Their aim was to make living with diabetes easier through knowledge, understanding and technology. PDC Health Hub by Perth Diabetes Care is now the largest private diabetes education provider in WA.

Throughout the years, our clients and other health professionals (GPs, doctors, specialists) have asked "what if we don't have diabetes?" and in 2021, a transformation took place. Our reputation and trust has led to our services being required for all chronic health conditions, not just diabetes. And...

In 2021, Perth Diabetes Care integrated into PDC Health Hub. PDC Health Hub is a collaborative between Perth Diabetes Care, PDC Allied Health and PDC Fitness. This collaboration has allowed PDC Health Hub to remain strong in challenging the status quo of all chronic conditions in WA.

PDC Health Hub - Purpose, Mission and Values

PDC Health Hub was established on a strong set of ideas and the team at PDC Health Hub strive and achieve our purpose, mission and values.


Challenge the status quo in diabetes care.

To be positive pioneering disruptors of diabetes care and associated health services​.

Simplify complex conditions and improve access to care that will improve peoples quality of life.


Empower our clients to be confident in their ability to maintain their health.

We educate and improve the understanding of diabetes (and other complex conditions) and build the skills with our clients to enable them to manage their journey to their best health.


Purpose - We continually strive to achieve, to bring more purpose and more meaning into people lives through the services we deliver.

- We are open, honest and authentic in all that we do and live in line with the messages that we share.

Growth & Courage
- We thrive on being challenged, through learning, thinking and acting creatively. We will have the courage to pusue our purpose, even in the face of challenges.

- We seek out freedom through our focus on health, wellbeing and balance in life.

- We are passionate and playful, enjoying all that we do to bring ourselves and our clients the satisfaction that they are seeking in life.

Team / Collaboration
- We are a helpful, caring, empathetic team that thrives on developing great relationships with all who connect with us, enabling them to feel valued for their uniqueness and differences.

Environment - 
We continually strive to create a positive, motivating environment that allows us and our clients to be the best versions of ourselves.

Respect - We will always respect each other's value, differences and contributions. We promote inclusiveness and equality. We are always trying to do better.

Community - We appreciate the value of community in promoting a sense of connection, belonging, purpose and support. We are driven by the desire to provide a 'sense of community' to our clients and team.

Empowerment - We strive to continually empower our team and clients.