How can an Exercise Physiologist help me?


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How can an exercise physiologist help me?

An exercise physiologist through the use of evidence based, safe and effective exercise prescription and education will help you to improve your general health, prevent and manage current chronic conditions and musculoskeletal pains.

An exercise physiologist can prescribe you an appropriate exercise program according to your current health status/health conditions to ensure you are exercising to benefit your conditions and health.

Some examples of how an exercise physiologist can help include the following:  

  • Prevention of chronic diseases (e.g. type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease).  
  • Improved control of a chronic disease (e.g., improved blood glucose control for type 2 diabetes and decreased blood pressure for reduced hypertension risk).
  • Improved independence, mobility, balance and falls prevention for the elderly.
  • Improvement in mental health.
  • Decreased chemotherapy side effects such as fatigue and nausea for persons undertaking chemotherapy due to cancer.
  • Improved immune function, physical functioning, muscle mass/strength/power and reduced anxiety/depression for people with cancer.
  • Prevention of gestational diabetes and pregnancy-related hypertension for pregnant women. They can also guide you in how to safely exercise through the different stages of pregnancy.  
  • Improvement in fitness - strength, aerobic, flexibility and balance.
  • Decreased musculoskeletal pain form arthritis through flexibility and muscle strengthening exercises to the muscles affecting the arthritic joint.
  • Reduction in risk of musculoskeletal injury through proper strengthening, endurance, balance and flexibility exercises.
  • Weight loss for overweight and obese persons and assistance for maintaining a healthy weight.  

If you'd like help with any of the above examples, or would like to chat further to see how an exercise physiologist could help you, call PDC Health Hub on 08 6110 0570 or make an online booking.

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