COVID-19: Clinic safety at PDC


PDC Health Hub

As you may have noticed, we have introduced as many measures as possible to ensure you and our staff are kept as safe as possible.

We are acutely aware that despite the increasing number of covid cases and community spread, it's essential that patients continue to engage in their diabetes and other chronic health condition appointments. That's why we are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to ensure our clinics are safe to attend, and investing in equipment to increase client safety. Some of the many safety measures we have implemented include:


  • Air purifiers in our pharmacy, reception areas and fitness hub
  • Regular cleaning using TGA approved cleaning equipment
  • Masks available for all, starting with surgical masks and now P2/N95 masks
  • Goggles for those involved in procedures that create aerosols (e.g. Podiatry, RAT testing in the pharmacy, gym staff and reception as a precautionary measure
  • COVID-19 daily checklists for all clinic locations, the pharmacy and fitness hub
  • Mask/Face shield donning & doffing stations


You can rest assured that it's not necessary to have to put your diabetes care on hold. We are here to help you support you!

Whether you are coming in for a clinic appointment, attending a gym class or picking up supplies from the pharmacy, you can be confident that we have a number of policies and procedures in place to keep you safe.

Last, but not least, if it's been awhile between appointments with us, it's never too late to give us a call to book in again. You'll always be welcomed back with open arms! There's no better time than the present to invest in YOU and your health 🧡

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