T1DC Quiz Night

Jake O'Brien

On Friday the 23rd of July, the Type 1 Diabetes Collective (T1DC) and PDC Health Hub hosted their inaugural ‘T1DC Quiz Night.’ The event was incredibly well supported by both people with and without diabetes; featuring a packed-out venue of 65 guests showing some friendly competition while all laughing, guessing and playing along.  

An event completely organised by the T1D Collective and supported by many, it was a huge success! The evening featured 7 rounds of trivia ranging from general knowledge, sport, geography, music, food and drink, science and technology, to popular culture … and of course diabetes questions! There were no surprises it was going to be a night of some serious competition, but we could never have predicted it would come down to an almighty game of paper, scissors, rock to decide the winner! The leading 2 teams were tied on 92 points at the end of the quiz questions, so what better way to decide the winners than the classic childhood decision making tool.

Overall, it was a fantastic night of competition, laughter, food and drink, and of course trivia! The T1D Collective and PDC Health Hub are incredibly grateful for the support shown by those who attended. “By attending the T1DC Quiz Night, you’re helping to fund the vital peer support work of the T1D Collective for those living with diabetes” writes T1DC Chairperson, Jake.

We hope those who attended enjoyed themselves, and we look forward to seeing you at our Gut Health and Probiotics educational seminar on Monday 16th August.

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