Gut Microbiome: Exploring Gut Health & Probiotics

Jake O'Brien
Harry Hills

The long-anticipated “Gut Microbiome: Exploring Gut Health & Probiotics” educational seminar was held at Telethon Speech and Hearing on Monday 16th August. The T1D Collective hosted this fantastic event with the help of PDC Health Hub’s Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Harry Hills. Harry spoke about a whole range of topics from the basics of the gut, right up to the current theories surrounding ways to improve your overall gut health and boost your microbiome! The event featured an activity to help attendees understand where common mistakes happen with weight loss in an interactive activity to start the evening. Later on, there was a deeper dive into the anatomy of the gastrointestinal system, followed by practical tips to improve gut health. This was of course helped out with a tasty break to satisfy attendees’ cravings with some snacks and Yakult!  

The evening culminated in the practical take-aways to help improve the bacteria in the gut by feeding them the right nutrition, as well as avoiding potential triggers for unpleasant symptoms. After a multitude of questions, the T1D Collective thanked Harry for his in-depth presentation and let everyone head home after a busy Monday night.

Overall, the T1D Collective were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to prepare and deliver this educational seminar to both familiar faces, and new ones alike.

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