Purpose of the Type 1 Diabetes Collective

More than just a Type 1 Diabetes support group

The T1DC (Type 1 Diabetes Collective) bring their expertise, experience, knowledge and insight together to promote awareness and insight of type 1 diabetes. At their monthly meetings, the T1D Collective plan educational seminars on type 1 diabetes topics that are often not discussed during typical clinic appointments, as well as topics commonly requested by T1D Collective members and event attendees. Our educational seminars feature some of Perth’s leading healthcare professionals and presentations from diabetes advocates from across Australia living phenomenal lives with T1D (Type 1 Diabetes). We advocate for changes to public policy for the benefit of people living with diabetes, trial new technology and products, plan Type 1 Diabetes Collective events, and debrief our own type 1 diabetes management together through peer support and social events.

Our educational seminars and social events are at the core of what we do at the T1DC (Type 1 Diabetes Collective). Most of the T1D Collective events are designed for people living with type 1 diabetes, by people living with type 1 diabetes. They are suitable for people at any stage of their type 1 diabetes journey from newly diagnosed to a seasoned type 1 diabetes veteran - everyone can learn something new from our events! While our events are largely designed for people living with diabetes, all of our events also suitable for support people, doctors and allied health professionals interested in the topic.

Objectives of the T1DC:

  • We represent the views of people living with type 1 diabetes, both locally in Perth and globally
  • We raise issues relevant to people living with type 1 diabetes
  • We engage in active, effective and collaborate communication
  • We share our knowledge and experiences of living with diabetes
  • We provide local community events for people living with diabetes and their support people
  • We uphold the name of PDC Health Hub and the Type 1 Diabetes Collective

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