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Jake is the current Chairperson of the Type 1 Diabetes Collective (T1DC) and is a huge advocate for people living with diabetes. After being diagnosed with T1D himself at age 14, he has turned this into his passion and feels empowered to change the lives of people living with diabetes.

Currently, Jake is also studying a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery at Curtin University. His passion for medicine came about after his diagnosis of diabetes and feeling empowered make a difference.

“Studying full time and working at PDC is a great balance; I am exposed to the technical side of medicine at University, and I get to see the patient’s perspective at work. It’s a fantastic approach to medicine, and ultimately will make me a better doctor in the long-term.”

Jake is also a member of several other local, state, and federal diabetes peer support and advocacy groups where he helps with peer support programs and guide policy changes.

Outside of both work and medicine, Jake is an avid runner, coffee drinker and tech head. After having completed his first marathon at age 18, Jake has continued to prove diabetes is no barrier to achieving your life goals. He is incredibly passionate about exercise and the enormous benefits it has on the entire body. He’s also probably drinking a cappuccino right now!

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