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East Victoria Park - HQ

Senior Podiatrist


Complication Screening
Accepts all private health and care plan referrals
Diabetes Assessment (including toe pressure measurement where needed)
DVA provider
General Footcare for adults and children
Nail Surgery
NDIS provider
Semi custom and custom orthotics
Wart removal

Meet Dr. Assia!

Born in England, raised in North Africa, trained in Canada and hailed in Australia before the pandemic, she has been blessed to experience the world and different cultures throughout her life. She completed her degree in Quebec (Canada) and NYC (USA) which she is so fortunate for because this training balances the biomechanics, imaging and surgical exposure to podiatry. It gives a holistic approach to all kinds of foot and ankle conditions, and it goes from the basics of conservative measures to a referral to the appropriate specialist if needed.

She has been practising podiatry for 11 years, treating everyone from babies to adults. Her skill set ranges from treating skin (dermatological) to bones (orthopaedic) and from ankle to toes conditions. She uses multiple tools to diagnose going through the history, clinical exam and prescribing imaging if needed. She is a firm believer in a multidisciplinary approach where she can work collaboratively with general practitioners, specialists (radiologists and surgeons), allied health practitioners like physiotherapists and exercise physiologists - such as at PDC. She is currently undertaking her endorsement to be able to prescribe medicine to patients if needed.

Her professional and volunteer activities have ranged from North America (Montreal, Ottawa, NYC, Savannah), South America in Bolivia, Africa in Morocco and Tanzania and finally Australia (Regional and Capital).

In her spare time, she enjoys yoga and making mugs with pottery. She also enjoys being in nature and her favourite spot in Western Australia is the South West where she likes exploring and discovering local artists.

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