Blood Glucose Meters

Information about Blood Glucose Meters for diabetes from PDC Health Hub & Perth Diabetes Care.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

To measure the concentration of glucose in the blood, you can perform a self-blood glucose test using a blood glucose meter. To assist with diabetes management, you can monitor your blood glucose to determine if your blood glucose is within a target range, the effects of food, the effect of current diabetes medication and diabetes therapies and the effect of exercise on diabetes.

Blood glucose testing will also assist to determine patterns of blood glucose levels in diabetes and can assist in determining the most suitable management needed for your diabetes. Blood glucose testing requires prick of a finger for a small drop of blood which is then applied to the blood glucose test strip. The test strip is read by a blood glucose meter and will display a result in mmol/L, your diabetes care team (GP, nurse, diabetes educator and/or endocrinologist) play an important role in determining the best blood glucose levels for the management of your diabetes.

At PDC Health Hub and Perth Diabetes Care, the diabetes educator team will assist in determining the best glucose monitor for you and educate you on the best way to use your blood glucose meter, from glucose monitoring times to correct technique.

The diabetes education team at PDC Health Hub and Perth Diabetes Care will also assist in registering you for the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS), a scheme provided by the Australian Government. The National Diabetes Services Scheme allows people in Australia who hold a valid Medicare Card and diagnosed with diabetes (type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, LADA and MODY) to access test strips for blood glucose monitoring in the management of diabetes at a subsidised rate.

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