mylife Unio Neva Blood Glucose Meter

A few years ago we asked people with diabetes what they consider to be the ideal blood glucose meter. Based on their requests and suggestions, we developed mylife Unio – a patient focused blood glucose monitoring system that meets user requirements: a discreet and high quality blood glucose meter with intuitive operation, hygienic test strip handling and a lancing device with comfortable blood sampling – all combined in a compact and practical case.

  • Modern design, small and handy
  • Easy-to-read menu-based LCD display with intuitive operation
  • Display available in different languages
  • Fast and accurate1 results
  • Bluetooth® and micro-USB: data can be transferred to the mylife App and to therapy management software such as the mylife Software
  • Blood glucose target range can be defined
  • Alarm functions with 4 daily alarms
  • Up to 4 markers can be selected for each measurement and be edited subsequently

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mylife Unio Neva Blood Glucose Meter