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Teresa is the Co-Director, Co-Founder and key member of the CDE team at PDC Health Hub. She is also a Certified Insulin Pump Trainer for all available insulin pumps in Australia and all Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM).

Teresa, along with Jeff, opened Perth Diabetes Care in 2015, with the vision to challenge the status quo of diabetes care in WA. As part of this vision, they have continually strived to develop a cohesive team care model to achieve the best outcomes for people living with diabetes. As a result, they have since integrated to become PDC Health Hub in 2021; a collaboration between Perth Diabetes Care, PDC Allied Health and PDC Fitness.

Day-to-day, Teresa manages a team of over 20 incredibly passionate and diverse allied health professionals and support staff while also doing what she is most passionate about: helping those who livewith type 1 and type 2 diabetes do so with as little stress as possible.

She is a big advocate for the use of technology in diabetes care and is grateful for the pathway and experiences she has had that have allowed her to constantly challenge and disrupt the primary care diabetes space. She has been awarded the PSWA Young Pharmacist of the Year Award (2016), and in 2020 was recognized as the Jan Baldwin CDE of the year.

In her “spare time”, she has spent several years engaged in roles within the ADEA Clinical Committee, WA Health Network Endocrine Executive Advisory Group, Curtin University Diabetes Education Course Review Advisory Committee and the Pharmaceutical Society of WA. As busy as this all gets, she knows that engaging in these roles enables her to offer her insights and experience into the direction of diabetes caretaker roles in the future to ensure it is accessible, affordable and of a high standard for all people living with diabetes. As an active, experienced and highly sought after CDE, she is an incredibly valued advocate and support for the diabetes community. In her own words:

“With the constantly evolving world of diabetes technology, advances, and products I strongly believe it is important we are offering the most advanced devices and are providing up to date information to those living with diabetes, to ensure living with diabetes is as comfortable as possible while we wait for a cure. I strongly believe that diabetes education is changing to consider the psychosocial impact, as well as physical impact, diabetes has on a person. It no longer follows the model of focusing only on blood glucose levels and numbers but instead being a part of the person’s support team helping them achieve the goals they set.”



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