Nutritional Analysis

Our food is made up of many, many different vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. It is essential that we consume the right amount of these nutrients for our body’s structure and function – e.g. strong and healthy bones need enough calcium, but too much calcium can affect how we absorb iron and zinc. We have different nutrient requirements based on our age, gender and life stage.

With all the different foods we can eat, it is hard to know whether we are getting the right amounts of nutrients. This is where a nutritional analysis of the diet can help.

Compare your diet to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating gives recommendations about food groups and serve sizes based on what will meet the nutritional requirements of a majority of the population. A dietitian can compare what you usually eat to the serve sizes and make recommendations about foods you should eat more or less of based on this analysis.

Analyse your diet using Nutrient Analysis Software

Nutrient Analysis Software can compare the amounts of nutrients you consume with what is recommended for you based on you gender, age and life stage (e.g. pregnancy). A dietitian can input information for your food record and tell you specifically which vitamins and minerals you are having enough of, and nutrients you are potentially getting too much of. Based on this information, the dietitian can recommend foods that are high in the nutrients, or foods you should have less of. The software can also create graphs which the dietitian can print out for you to take home.

Book in with a dietitian at PDC Allied Health for a Nutrition Analysis to find out if you diet is giving you everything you need.